Saturday, June 30, 2018

Fatal accident occurred June 30, 2018 at Davenport Municipal Airport (KDVN), Scott County, Iowa

A Clinton man who police say died after intentionally jumping into a fire that started after he crashed into an aviation fuel container Saturday morning at the Davenport Municipal Airport has been identified as Scott M. Schaefer, 29.

Iowa State Patrol Lt. Brian Votroubek said the incident began on U.S. 30 in Clinton County, where Schaefer was driving erratically at high speeds in a 2004 Ford Taurus.

State troopers located the vehicle on U.S. 61 near Eldridge and began to pursue it, Votroubek said.

Schaefer refused to stop and the pursuit continued to the airport, 9230 N. Harrison St.

Schaefer crashed through a gate and into an aviation fuel container, which caused a large fire, Votroubek said.

Votroubek said Schaefer exited the vehicle and walked around after the crash. He then jumped into the flames in the direction of the vehicle for unknown reasons, Votroubek said.

He said it is unknown whether Schaefer got back inside the vehicle because “it had burned so much already that it’s hard to say because the fire was so strong and there was nothing left.”

Multiple agencies responded to the scene Saturday.

Votroubek said there are a lot of unknowns, but the case is closed.

“The ‘whys’ is what we’ll probably never know,” he said.

Authorities on Saturday morning inspect the remains of this Ford Taurus whose driver fled police, crashed through gates of the Davenport Municipal Airport and slammed into an aviation fuel tank. The car caught fire but the fuel did not. The driver of the car died, but police did not say if he died as a result of the crash. 

One person is dead after crashing his vehicle into an aviation fuel container at Davenport Municipal Airport, causing the car to catch fire, the Iowa State Patrol said in a news release.

The incident occurred at 7:20 a.m. Saturday, police said.

Iowa State Patrol Sgt. Jose Varela said the driver of a 2004 Ford Taurus was driving recklessly when Iowa State Patrol troopers tried to pull the vehicle over.

The Taurus fled from police, eventually crashing through the gates of the airport.

Varela said the driver then accelerated and rammed into an aviation fuel container which caused a large fire.

While the man's car caught fire, the aviation fuel did not. 

Varela did not say if the driver initially died as a result of the crash and resulting fire.

The name of the driver has not been released.

Varela said that multiple agencies assisted, but did not say where the pursuit was initiated or which agencies were assisting.

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Davenport, Iowa-- Iowa State Patrol was notified of a reckless driver in Clinton County on the morning of June 30th.

Patrol officers chased the suspect into Davenport. Where the driver crashed through the gates of the Davenport Municipal Airport and drove onto the runway.

A state patrol deputy says the driver then accelerated and crashed into fuel container causing the vehicle to catch on fire.

The driver of the car died in the vehicle. The driver's name hasn't been released and the incident is still under investigation.

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