Saturday, May 19, 2018

Southwest Airlines, Boeing 737-700: Incident occurred May 19, 2018 at Indianapolis International Airport (KIND), Indiana

A Southwest Airlines flight traveling from Las Vegas to Philadelphia diverted to Indianapolis Saturday afternoon due to a warning light.

Flight 5913 was headed to Philadelphia when the pressurization indicator light turned on, according to a Southwest Airlines spokesperson. The spokesperson said the flight never actually lost pressure however.

The husband of one of the passengers told NBC10 no one needed oxygen masks during the incident though some people experienced panic attacks.

The flight landed safely at Indianapolis International Airport as a precaution. No serious injuries were reported. 

The passengers were accommodated and are expected to arrive in Philadelphia about four and a half hours behind schedule. The diverted flight will undergo a maintenance review.

The incident occurred a little more than a month after a Southwest Boeing 737 made an emergency landing in Philadelphia following a mid-flight engine explosion that blew out a window. A woman on the aircraft died after she was partially sucked out of the window.

In response to the explosion, the FAA ordered hundreds of similar Boeing 737 engines to be inspected. Under the April 20 order, all CFM 56-7B engines that went through at least 30,000 takeoffs or landings had to be inspected within 20 days.

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