Saturday, January 6, 2018

Air Arabia: Incident occurred January 06, 2018 at Astana International Airport

An Air Arabia aircraft failed to jet off to Sharjah for a technical reason. 

According to Gulmira Akhmetova, a representative of the company, the entry door of the aircraft got frozen. 

89 passengers, who were to travel to Sharjah, got stuck at the Astana International Airport, Kazinform correspondent reports. 

"We fell short in our efforts to warm up the entry door.  The flight has been delayed by 10 hours. We will arrange hotel accommodation for the passengers," Akhmetova said.

The plane operating the Astana-Sharjah charter flight was to take off at 4:55 am. However, it did not. 

At 7:25 am, the passengers were offered drinks. 15 minutes later, without any explanation, they were asked to leave the plane and get to the airport building.

It is worth mentioning that the Saturday morning temperature in Astana fell to -24°C.

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