Thursday, January 11, 2018

Socata MS893E Rallye Commodore 180, N353RA: Accident occurred January 11, 2018 near Wadsworth Municipal Airport (3G3), Medina County, Ohio

Federal Aviation Administration / Flight Standards District Office; Cleveland, Ohio

Aircraft lost engine power, clipped top of trees and crashed.

Date: 11-JAN-18
Time: 16:45:00Z
Regis#: N353RA
Aircraft Model: MS893E
Event Type: ACCIDENT
Highest Injury: NONE
Aircraft Missing: No
Activity: UNKNOWN
Flight Phase: APPROACH (APR)
Operation: 91
State: OHIO

Roger Keene, 73, of Richfield talks with media after he force landed his plane in a yard on Concord Place. The plane lost power a mile or so outside the airport so Keene chose the safest place he could find to land. Keene was the only one in the two-seat plane and walked away uninjured. "I was lucky," he said.

WADSWORTH — A Litchfield man escaped injury after his single-engine plane crashed this morning near Wadsworth Municipal Airport.

Roger Keene was flying from Reader-Botsford Airport in Wellington and was making his final approach to Wadsworth Municipal Airport around 11:45 a.m. today when the power went out on his plane. He was looking for a safe place to land and ended up putting the plane down in the backyard of a home on Concord Place near Route 57 in Wadsworth.

Keene clipped some trees on his descent, slowing him down enough that he didn’t hit a nearby gazebo, coming to rest instead alongside it.

“Had I hit that, I would have been quite dead,” Keene said after the accident. “The engine would have been pushed back into the passenger compartment, and that would have been the end of me.”

Keene, a Ford Motor Co. retiree who served, but didn’t fly, in the Vietnam War, took up flying as a hobby, and will probably retire from that now, he said.

“This will be it for me,” he said.

Keene took off from Wellington at about 11:20 a.m. because the new owners of Reader-Botsford Airport recently told pilots who kept their planes there that the airport would close.

The property will instead be used for agricultural purposes, said  Ken Bartlett, who lives in a home on the airport property he leases from the current owner.  

“They informed the pilots who kept planes in the hangar of the decision to close the airport,” Bartlett said. “They told everyone they needed to have their planes off the property.”

The pilot was the last to move his plane from the property, which is what he was trying to do Thursday, Bartlett said. The pilot had previously tried to move it a few weeks ago, but issues with the plane may have caused him the delay in those plans, Bartlett said.

Bartlett said he didn’t know what kind of issues the plane was having, and it said it may have been something as simple as a battery needed charged.

Keene’s plane is totaled. The Ohio Highway Patrol and Federal Aviation Administration are on the scene investigating the crash.

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WADSWORTH: A single-engine plane force landed about 11:45 this morning during its landing approach to Wadsworth Municipal Airport.

Pilot Roger Keene, 73, of Richfield said he was flying alone from the airport in the Lorain County village of Wellington to store his 1980 two-seater at the Wadsworth airport.

He said the plane lost power about a mile outside the airport, so he chose the safest place he could find to land.

The plane landed in the backyard of a house on a cul-de-sac on Concord Place, off Plum Creek Drive.

The property backs up to Wadsworth Road and the airport is just on the other side of the highway.

“I was lucky,” said Keene, who not injured.

Chad Haller, the airport’s manager, said Ohio State Highway Patrol officers helped Keene climb out of the wreckage.

The blue-and-white plane’s left wing appeared to have clipped the side of a lean-to building with a picnic table in it.

Two of the plane’s wheels appeared to have broken off, but the body of the plane was largely intact.

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Roger Keene walks around at the scene where he force landed his plane in a yard on Concord Place on Thursday. Keene was on his way from the airport in Wellington to store his 1980 plane at Wadsworth Municipal Airport. 

Roger Keene stands at the scene where he force landed his plane in a yard on Concord Place in Wadsworth. 

Roger Keene (left) works with state troopers in a yard on Concord Place after force landing his plane in Wadsworth. 

Roger Keene walks past debris after he force landed his plane in a yard on Concord Place in Wadsworth. 

WADSWORTH, Ohio-- A plane crashed near Wadsworth Municipal Airport Thursday morning.

Police said it crashed in a backyard on Concord Place, near state Route 57 and Seville Road. That's less than a mile from the airport.

No one was injured, according to the Wadsworth Police Department.

The pilot said he lost power to the engine while making his approach to the airport.

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Anonymous said...

Guess my tail number!

Anonymous said...

I can't quite decipher the entire N number. In the fifth photo, I'm thinking 363, but I could be wrong. Definitely not an experimental aircraft, 'cause the motor is a Lycoming Opposed 360 cubic inch Series engine. Can't find the data plate in any of the online photos of this accident (or) incident plane.
Sorry I can't be of more help.
Good day, sir or madam.

CFI-II-G said...

The last aircraft to leave a closing airport. Hmmmm. I could draw a number of conclusions here.

Anonymous said...

The last aircraft to leave you say?
Now this accident has my attention!

Anonymous said...

Plane looks like a Socata Rallye? If it was the last aircraft to leave a closing airport I'm wondering if it was airworthy and if all the paperwork was up to date. Maybe that's why the pilot stated he's giving up flying because he knows the Feds will eventually take away his certificate. Looks like he had piloting skills and luck on his side to walk away from that crash.

Anonymous said...