Monday, December 25, 2017

Fugitive tried to rob Newark Liberty International Airport (KEWR) store, police say

Ernesto Rodriguez-Zazueta

One man was taken into custody Friday morning when he tried to rob an electronics store in Newark Airport, authorities said. 

Ernesto Rodriguez-Zazueta, 46, who authorities said was a fugitive from the Drug Enforcement Agency, was arrested by Port Authority Police inside the airport.

Rodriguez-Zazueta allegedly entered a Blue Wire Electronics store in Terminal C of Newark Airport Friday around 7 a.m., authorities said. He went behind the counter, and used a pen to mimic a weapon while demanding cash from a shop worker, they said. 

The worker struggled with Rodriguez-Zazueta, but was able to call Port Authority Police. 

Officers apprehended and arrested Rodriguez-Zazueta. One officer sustained minor injuries while in a struggle with Rodriguez-Zazueta, but was quickly treated, authorities said. 

During processing, police said Rodriguez-Zazueta gave several false names before officers discovered his true identity. 

Records show that Rodriguez-Zazueta was the subject of a federal arrest warrant for illegal drug sales, and was listed on the DEA's most wanted list. The report was filed by St. Louis DEA officials, but Rodriguez-Zazueta's last listed address was in Norfolk, Nebraska.

Rodriguez-Zazueta was charged with robbery, resisting arrest and for hindering apprehension. 

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