Saturday, October 28, 2017

Skydive South Texas in Port Aransas is open for business

PORT ARANSAS -  It's been a little over two months since Hurricane Harvey hit the Coastal Bend. Many businesses and shops are still trying to get back up and running, but Skydive South Texas in Port Aransas, is open for business.

Their doors opened in early October. Since then, they have been more than happy to have people come out and jump.

Jason Nyman, an instructor at Skydive South Texas, was excited to get back to work.

"We were worried with the damage and everything that we were going to be closed awhile, maybe even until spring," Nyman said. "We weren't going to accept that, and got to work, got the business back together, and people back up in the sky."

Skydive South Texas did have damages because of Harvey. But in just five weeks time, they were able to open their doors for business.

Before Harvey hit, the crew took the plane and parachutes so they wouldn't get damaged. Everything else was left behind. They came back to having to replace almost everything.

But Harvey hasn't stopped locals from coming out and jumping.? It's been almost a month since they re-opened, and they say business has picked up.

Samantha Morales, a first-time jumper was there today to celebrate her father's birthday. She was going to get him tickets to the World Series or tickets to go skydiving.

After their jump, they were both pretty happy with their choice.

"I just was thinking, what can I do with my dad. And this was it, and I looked it up," Samantha Morales said. "And it's worth it. He's worth everything. He's just the best dad."

"It's a good present, I love it," her father, Sam Morales said. "I finally did something that I wanted to do for a long time. I haven't done it, but mission accomplished."

Skydive South Texas will be open through the winter on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. For other days, call for availability.

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