Thursday, September 14, 2017

Expert: Air Force may never release 'classified' information on deadly Nevada crash

Lt. Col. Eric Schultz was killed during a training mission on September 5, 2017.


A pilot from Nellis Air Force Base who died in a classified training crash was known as an experienced pilot with six degrees, but little is known about the crash that took his life. 

Oriana Pawlyk, of, said it may be years before the public has more information on what caused the crash or the type of aircraft Lt. Col. Eric Schultz was testing during the mission. Adding, the air force may never release additional information. 

Schultz was killed in the crash on Sept. 5 at the Nevada Test and Training Range located approximately 100 miles northwest of Nellis Air Force Base. 

Pawlyk said officials have ruled out speculation on what the aircraft might not be. She said the Air Force said the aircraft was not an F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter has not been involved in a crash. 

She also ruled out the aircraft used during the mission was an F-117 Nighthawk because the aircraft was retired in 2008 and although it has been used on training runs,  it's not in a classified program. 

Pawlyk said speculation remains if the aircraft was foreign or if it is an "x-plane" or an unknown aircraft that is being tested by the military.

In a YouCaring campaign, Schultz was described as a former civilian pilot who received multiple degrees before joining the Air Force. 

He's survived by his wife, five children, and other family members. 

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