Friday, September 01, 2017

Air New Zealand crews mucking in to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston

Air New Zealand Captain Warwick Bruce helps out at his hotel in Houston.

Air New Zealand staff have been filling in for hotel staff unable to reach the hotel because of flooding. 

Air New Zealand staff have been cleaning, serving food and carrying bags to help out.

Air New Zealand staff have jumped at the chance to help out.

Air New Zealand staff have found mucking in a great morale booster while the airline is grounded.

Air New Zealand staff stuck in Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey have been doing what they can to help others.

The airline had not been able to fly in or out of Houston over the last few days because of the storm leaving two crews stuck on the ground in the city.

But the eight pilots and 22 cabin crew have not been sitting on their hands.

They have volunteered to help out in the hotel they are staying in to ease the pressure faced by staff there.

Many of the hotel's staff had not been able to get to work because of the flooding but the hotel was at capacity with evacuees hunkering down there during the storm.

The Air New Zealand team had been volunteering to help with meal preparation, moving baggage for guests, delivering room service, helping with the laundry and vacuuming.

Air New Zealand Captain Warwick Bruce, one of the crew members on the ground in Houston, said it was pretty surreal to be there.

"We've been very happy to muck in and do something constructive to help and we've been enjoying getting to know some of the locals and supporting them during what is an incredibly trying time," he said.

"It's also helped to boost our own morale with everyone here looking out for each other and jumping at the opportunity to volunteer. In fact, it's become quite competitive among the team to nab the various shifts so you've got to put your hand up fairly quickly.

"Despite the circumstances, it's been great to see the smiles on the team's faces and watch them all step up."

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  1. Good on you guys..... Makes me proud to be Australian and have you guys living 'next door' Special efforts like this show the world that genuine kindness is still out there !

  2. Love it! Airline crews are always so caring!