Saturday, August 19, 2017

Passenger service takes off from Middle Georgia Regional Airport (KMCN)

The return of passenger service from Macon’s main airport came at the perfect time for Cindie and Bryan Vance.

“Our daughter just moved to Baltimore last month, took three of our grandchildren. So we are delighted that once a month I can be on a plane and be right at her house,” Cindie Vance said as she headed toward security at Middle Georgia Regional Airport.

She and her husband were the first to clear the TSA checkpoint for the 7:15 a.m. flight to the Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

“I just really enjoy this opportunity,” Bryan Vance said before going through the magnetometer while the first hint of sun was on the horizon.

His work schedule won’t allow him to fly as often as his wife, but she was thrilled to catch a flight so close to their Macon home.

“The thought of going to Atlanta and fighting the Atlanta airport scares me to death,” she said.

Although inaugural reservations were offered for $49, one-way fares are now priced as low as $69 and will eventually be $89.

Passenger Zandra Hayes, who is relocating to the Washington, D.C., area from Robins Air Force Base, was on a house-hunting expedition and bought a ticket on the first flight.

“The prices are very reasonable, so I’m excited and glad that it’s here,” Hayes said. “I love it. I’m so glad that it started.”

After her move, Hayes said she will be able to visit her Middle Georgia friends more often without spending a lot of money.

Flights from Macon, which has free parking, can be cheaper than what some travelers pay to park at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport or ride a shuttle service to Atlanta.

Since BWI is one of the main hubs for Southwest Airlines, connecting flights also could prove to be a bargain.

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