Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Five things you didn't know about Markie Martin


You see Markie Martin weekday mornings on KOCO 5, but there are five things you may not know about her.

1. She's a pilot!

"I grew up around aviation, and got my private pilot's license during my first summer in college. One of my favorite summers-- early morning flight training and then summer school in the afternoon. I fly Cessna 172s."

2. She was born without a sense of smell.

"Learned that in elementary school when my mom put a batch of cookies in the oven that burned so badly that black smoke billowed out of the oven. I was in the next room and had no idea. I know what you're asking--and yes, my taste is affected!"

3. She's much more introverted than people think she is.

" My idea of a perfect Friday night is takeout pho with a good Netflix documentary. Nerd alert!"

4. Her favorite form of education is travel.

"One of my favorite places to visit was Istanbul, Turkey. I've also lived in Japan and Amsterdam."

5. She has one allergy--hamsters.

"Figured that out via a cute class pet in second grade!"

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