Sunday, July 23, 2017

United Airlines, Boeing 767-300, N677UA: Incident occurred July 23, 2017 at Newark Liberty International Airport (KEWR), New Jersey

United Airlines Inc:

NEWARK - A United Airlines flight heading to Honolulu was forced to evacuate after aborting take-off due to a minor mechanical failure on Sunday morning, a spokeswoman for United Airlines said.

No one was injured, she said, adding an issue with a flight deck window was the cause. She couldn't elaborate further.

One by one, the 201 passengers and the crew were evacuated from Flight 61 and led to a stair truck where two buses were waiting to take them to Terminal C, the spokeswoman said.

United was working to get passengers on their way to Honolulu as quickly as possible, the airline's spokeswoman said.

What was supposed to be the start of a Hawaiian vacation for many turned out to be an early morning nightmare at the airport.

A United Airlines plane was evacuated at Newark Liberty International Airport Sunday morning, leaving passengers stranded and missing their flight, Port Authority officials said.

Flight 61 en route to Honolulu, scheduled for leave at 8:40 a.m. was on the runway when an issue with the plane's brakes caused the aircraft to stop moving and cancel the full flight, officials said.

“United flight 61 from Newark to Honolulu was not able to takeoff this morning due to a minor mechanical issue. Customers deplaned and we are providing meal vouchers, snacks and beverages as we work as quickly as possible to get customers to Honolulu," said Maddie King, a spokesperson for United.

Hundreds of passengers and crew members were bused to Terminal C.

The aircraft will be towed to a maintenance hangar.

The flight has been rescheduled for after 1 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

NEWARK, New Jersey (WABC) -- A United Airlines flight safely aborted takeoff from Newark Liberty International Airport Sunday morning, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

The pilot of United Airlines UA 61, a Boeing 767 aircraft, reported at about 9 a.m. that an indicator in the cockpit alerted to a possible mechanical issue.

The Federal Aviation Administration said that after the aircraft taxied off the runway and onto a holding area, the pilot reported that the aircraft had "hot brakes" due to the quick stop.

The flight was bound for Honolulu.

The Port Authority dispatched Aircraft Rescue and Firefighter units to the scene and applied water to the brakes.

The situation was reported to be under control shortly before 9:30.

A Port Authority spokesman said passengers were deplaned via a stair truck and two buses were on hand to escort passengers back to Terminal C.

An aircraft tug was sent to the scene to assist in plane removal.

No injuries were reported.

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