Thursday, July 27, 2017

Multiple football teams will be using multiple planes to travel this year

It’s a new era in the National Football League for travel, and changes to plane availability have resulted in multiple teams switching from one plane to two for road trips.

Pro Football Talk has learned that at least three teams will be using two planes this year: The Steelers, Bills, and Dolphins. (We became aware of the issue via a report from Andy Slater of WINZ regarding the Dolphins using two planes.)

The Bills will be using two planes for most trips, but not of all of them.

Earlier this year, several teams had to scramble to find air service when American restricted access. As one league source recently explained it to Pro Football Talk, the airlines simply have realized that they can make more money by using planes in more traditional ways.

It’s odd to see the NFL at the mercy of the airline industry, because usually it’s pretty much everyone else who’s at the mercy of the NFL. This has sparked some speculation that perhaps the best play for the league would be to maintain its own fleet of planes that would transport teams each and every weekend, when up to 16 teams travel. The planes then would be leased for use in the offseason to corporate groups and muckety-mucks who want to travel in a bird bedazzled with NFL logos.

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  1. Buy three Seven-Fives, configure them accordingly, and their in! The NFL has gotten out of hand. They can afford them. If I ran AA, DAL or UAL, I would advise them to take note of what Bezos is doing and C-ya!!