Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Diver dies in plane crash recovery effort: Shaanxi Y-8-200F, Myanmar Air Force / Tatmadaw Lei, fatal accident occurred June 07, 2017 near Dawei, Launglon Township, Tanintharyi Region, Myanmar

One of the divers involved in the recovery of the Tatmadaw plane crash, died at the Mingaladon Military Hospital on Thursday (June 22), according to the Myawaddy Daily.

Rescue workers go to sea in fishing boats near Dawei, Launglon township, Tanintharyi Region, on June 9. 

Two divers from a private company, An-na-wa Min Diving Group, had been trying to cut away a fishing net that had got entangled in the tail section of the crashed Y-8 military plane about 120 feet under the sea when both suffered embolism.

Both of them were sent to Yangon following initial treatment.

While one diver survived, the other, Ko Saw Naung, who was 45-years-old, died from a sudden drop in pressure resulting in blocked blood vessels.

Donations have been pouring in for the bereaved family of the diver who has 20 years of diving experience.

The surviving diver has been undergoing treatment at the hospital.

In an interview, the surviving diver, Ko Thant Zin Oo talked about his underwater ordeal with Myawaddy Daily.

“Following the discovery of the tail section, Ko Saw Naung and I went down and tied a rope to the nets.

“Then two other divers went down to knot two ropes to the wing section which was under 120 feet of water. It took us about half an hour and we climbed back aboard a boat. We could not find the Black Box,” said Ko Thant Zin Oo.

“We dived in another time, which lasted longer. After tying two air balloons, we climbed up into the boat. We were hungry and prepared to have our meal. Ko Thant Zin Oo then took off his diving suit. While preparing food, Ko Saw Naung fell down. I too was paralyzed was also not able to use my hands and legs.”

“My entire body was so stiff and painful. It was so agonizing. The local villagers took us back into the water, 60 feet down, surrounded by other divers. Ko Saw Naung became conscious and opened his eyes. Then we were carried to the surface. Soon after that, he became unconscious again.

We did this for about seven times. Though I recovered conscious, he did not,” said Ko Thant Zin Oo, according to the paper.

We tried using the Hyperbaric Chamber and Ko Thant Zin Oo recovered after three times but Ko Saw Naung did not, a medical officer was quoted by the Myawaddy Daily as saying.


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