Friday, May 26, 2017

Transportation Security Administration investigating if tech executives received secret San Jose Mineta International Airport (KSJC) codes

MINETA SAN JOSE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (KGO) --  The Transportation Security Administration is looking into accusations tech execs in the Bay Area got secret airport codes. 

The codes apparently gave some people access to a restricted part of Mineta San Jose International Airport.

The Silicon Valley Business Journal reports the Transportation Security Administration is investigating whether Signature Flight Support gave tech executives secret gate codes that gave them access to a private hangar on airport property. 

Only certain individuals who have gone through security clearance are allowed access to certain restricted areas of the airport. 

Signature has a client base of wealthy business and tech executives who used their jets.

The company gave the Journal this statement saying:

"We can confirm that there is an ongoing investigation by the TSA which Signature Flight Support has and continues to cooperate fully with. We expect a resolution in the near term. Signature's top priority is the safety and security of all our over 200 global locations."

The Silicon Valley Business Journal reports airport officials don't believe there's any evidence that clients who had the secret gate code accessed any other part of the airport, but we won't know until the Transportation Security Administration concludes its investigation.

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  1. It has always been very lackadaisical at SJC. Prior to 911, I was a CFI at this airport for 4 years, working every day. After 911, they put on a good show stepping up the security presence and kicking off GA, for the most part. SJC is a "wanna-be" International airport. Obviously, the geographics play a major role. If they want this aerodrome to operate as a real secure place, the management has to be changed, and not let lazy, minimum wage employees get intimidated and hand out security codes for christ sake. It is very hard to find good, responsible local employees. The cost of living in Silicon Valley is out-of-control. Folks have to commute very far to find semi-affordable housing. Raise the pay, you will attract responsible managers to assure safety and security. It is people that will fix this problem – period!


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