Sunday, May 07, 2017

Incident occurred May 06, 2017 at Jaipur International Airport, Rajasthan, India

JAIPUR: A major mishap was averted after an aircraft with about 170 passengers onboard hit an aerobridge at the Jaipur international airport on Saturday morning. While no casualties were reported, one of the wings of the aircraft was damaged in the mishap.

The airport authorities told TOI that IndiGo aircraft 6E-962 had come to Jaipur from New Delhi at the Sanagner airport. One of the wings of the aircraft collided with the aerobridge while it was being marshalled to the parking spot.

"All passengers are saved, no injury of any kind has been reported to any of the passenger or crew onboard," said JS Balhara, director of Jaipur airport told TOI, adding that repair work was being carried out on the damaged wing of the aircraft.

The anxious passengers made frantic calls to their relatives as soon as they disembarked from the plane. The airport authorities rushed to the spot to sooth the frayed nerves. "We checked everybody to see if any passenger sustained injuries, but luckily nobody was hurt in the mishap," the airport director said, adding that reason of collision will be probed at a later stage.

The same flight was scheduled to fly from Jaipur to New Delhi later in the day, however, the mishap led to the delay as the engineers began repairing the damaged wing of the flight, and the officials said that engineers were also checking if there was any other mechanical fault caused to the aircraft due to the accident.

"The technical team is probing if the flight suffered any other damage due to the accident," the official said. The airport authorities added that accident did not affect the airport's operations. The officials said that engineers checked if the engine suffered any damage in the accident.

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