Monday, May 22, 2017

Delta begins seasonal service to Juneau

Another sure sign of summer appeared in the air above Juneau this week, as Delta Air Lines’ seasonal service to the capital city began Thursday night.

Delta will fly once a day between Juneau and Seattle, as a Boeing 737 aircraft will land in Juneau at night and depart in the morning. Delta’s annual return to Juneau will bring more congestion to the Juneau International Airport, and Delta officials advise passengers to allow for two hours to check in.

Juneau’s airport is notoriously difficult to land at due to weather conditions, but Delta is more prepared for that this year, Airport Manager Patty Wahto said in a release Thursday. Delta is utilizing required navigation performance (RNP) technology to better deal with the weather conditions, hoping to lead to easier landings.

“When the weather is kind of nasty, instead of doing missed approaches, Delta has a better chance of getting in,” Wahto said. “It’s similar to what Alaska Airlines has. It puts Delta at a level playing field as far as getting in and out.”

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