Monday, April 3, 2017

Owner plans to rebuild plane hangar flattened by high winds


Wounds from Sunday's storms still can be seen throughout the ArkLaTex; and there is a lot of cleanup that needs to be done.

An airplane hangar at the Panola County Airport in East Texas was destroyed by straight-line winds.

A survey team from the National Weather Service office in Shreveport estimated winds peaked at 120 mph to 130 mph. That is as strong as an EF-2 tornado.

The back wall of the hangar was uprooted and knocked down, while the roof was blown into the street and the property behind it.

"I got a call about 1:20 p.m. that the hangar had been blown over," said James Crooks, who owns the hangar.

He said he is just glad no one was hurt.

"This is just materialize possessions."

Crooks also was overwhelmed by the community support.

"My phone was just ringing off the hook. 'James, we'll come. We'll bring equipment.'

"It was really, really touching. The people of Panola County are just really nice."

And, believe it or not, none of the airplanes in the hangar was damaged.

"It's like floating down the river. We fly around in the evening. It's just kind of relaxing," Crooks said of flying.

"So the good Lord spared us the planes."

Crooks plans on rebuilding, just not right now.

He said it's going to cost him about $25,000.

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