Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Western Air Limited Saab 340, C6-HBW, Flight WT-708: Incident occurred February 07, 2017 at Grand Bahama International Airport

A Western Air plane carrying 33 passengers crash-landed at the Grand Bahama International Airport (GBIA) on Tuesday afternoon.

According to reports, the aircraft experienced technical challenges and was forced to make an emergency landing. It skidded off the runway into the bushes.

The incident happened around 5pm, just after the plane had taken off from GBIA on its way to Nassau. The flight originated in Bimini and had made a brief stop in Freeport.

A passenger on board said: "When we take off from Freeport, we had to land back. We had an emergency landing ... we had to land, we ended up through the bush. Now we are on the runway waiting for a ride to come. Fuel leaking from the plane and everything else."

Another passenger told ZNS News that they were first were made aware of the difficulties after the pilot announced that he had to return to GBIA shortly after takeoff.

Onlookers told ZNS News Northern Edition that the plane landed on its side and skidded off the runway at the rear of the airport.

While no one was severely injured, The Tribune was told that two passengers were taken to hospital to receive medical treatment for minor injuries.

Source:  http://www.tribune242.com

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