Thursday, January 12, 2017

Green laser incident reported to the Federal Aviation Administration


A Navy flight instructor says he was targeted by someone after they pointed a laser at his aircraft while he was training a student.

The incident happened Tuesday evening as the plane as the plane flew over the Ocean Drive-South Staples-Alameda area.

The instructor and student were just completing a "night flight operation" when they noticed a green laser pointed at them.

Aviation experts say laser light can pose a serious threat to pilots.

Carl Gross who is an Operations Manager over at the Corpus Christi International Airport said,"you cause temporary blindness that could potentially lead to an accident even with a vehicle on the ground. They can have a very limited effect on the eye or a cause permanent blindness."

The pilot and his student were able to land safely. Both were given eye exams.

The incident was reported to the Federal Aviation Administration. 


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