Thursday, November 24, 2016

Judge Grants Temporary Injunction Halting ABX Air Strike: Strike had delayed customer deliveries at and other shippers

The Wall Street Journal
Updated Nov. 23, 2016 7:42 p.m. ET

A judge on Wednesday granted a temporary injunction requiring striking cargo airline pilots to return to work after their action delayed customer deliveries to Inc. and other shippers.

Pilots at a unit of Air Transport Services Group Inc. struck Tuesday morning over longstanding contract grievances.

In a complaint filed in federal court Tuesday, ABX Air Inc., a subsidiary of ATSG, said Christmas shopping and deliveries have already been disrupted and could worsen if the industrial action continues.

A lawyer representing ABX said the Ohio judge had granted a temporary restraining order late Wednesday requiring the pilots to return to work. One of the airline’s largest customers also confirmed the court decision. ATSG and lawyers representing its pilot union had no immediate comment.

In a statement later Wednesday, Air Transport Services said it expects ABX Air flight operations to resume immediately.

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  1. This situation and the threatened strike at O'Hare call for the use of a VIRTUAL STRIKE. Here's how it works. Instead of an actual walkout, which damages the workers, the company and the public, on the starting day all pay, salaries and revenues go into an escrow account from which only supplier's bills are paid. If the strike is settled in two weeks (or some other preset time) all the money in the escrow account goes to it's original payees. If the strike is settled in a month, 75% goes to the payees, the rest to pre-selected charities. After six weeks it's 50% to the payees. Etc. So the battling parties are damaged as if it were an ordinary strike, keeping the pressure on to settle,but the public and company business are largely unaffected. Particulars would need to be modified and agreed upon in advance for strikes by government workers, but the same principles could apply. Someone should try it.