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Eclipse 500, N120EA: Accident occurred August 21, 2015 in Danbury, Fairfield County, Connecticut

The  National Transportation Safety Board did not travel to the scene of this accident

Aviation Accident Preliminary Report  - National Transportation Safety Board:  http://app.ntsb.gov/pdf

NTSB Identification: ERA15LA322
14 CFR Part 91: General Aviation
Accident occurred Friday, August 21, 2015 in Danbury, CT
Aircraft: ECLIPSE AVIATION CORP EA500, registration: N120EA
Injuries: 3 Minor.

This is preliminary information, subject to change, and may contain errors. Any errors in this report will be corrected when the final report has been completed. NTSB investigators may not have traveled in support of this investigation and used data provided by various sources to prepare this aircraft accident report.

On August 21, 2015, about 1420 eastern daylight time, an Eclipse Aviation Corporation EA500, N120EA, sustained substantial damage during a runway overrun while landing at Danbury Municipal Airport (DXR), Danbury, Connecticut. The certificated airline transport pilot and two passengers sustained minor injuries. Day visual meteorological conditions prevailed and an instrument flight rules flight plan had been filed for the personal flight. The flight was conducted under the provisions of Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91. The flight originated from Wittman Regional Airport (OSH), Oshkosh, Wisconsin, around 1220. 

According to the pilot, the airplane touched down on runway 26 near the displaced threshold and he applied the brakes in order to decelerate the airplane; however, the "first pedal push was soft," which was "not unusual." Then, he continued "pumping the brakes" and considered a go around maneuver; however, the remaining runway was too short. The pilot continued to "pump" the brakes, about six times; however, he did not think the brakes were operating. The airplane continued off the end of the 4,422 foot runway, impacted a berm, and came to rest upright. 

During the accident sequence, the right main landing gear punctured the underside of the right wing, which resulted in substantial damage. In addition, the nose landing gear separated from the airplane. 

The Eclipse Aviation Diagnostic Storage Unit was sent to the NTSB recorders laboratory for data download.

AIRCRAFT:   2008 Eclipse 500  N120EA  Serial #  000199  TT  850.5 hours  at last log entry 5/26/15


PW 610F-A  S/N:PCE-LA0413  TT 850.5 hrs / 570 cycles at last log entry 5/26/15

 PW 610F-A  S?N PCE LA0404  TT 850.5 hrs / 570 cycles at last log entry 5/26/15        


APPROXIMATE TOTAL HOURS (estimated TT & TSMO from logbooks or other information): 850.5 hours and 570 cycles

DESCRIPTION OF ACCIDENT:  Aircraft ran off runway during landing. During the rollout on runway, pilot reported his brakes failed and was unable to perform a go-around as there was insufficient runway left. Pilot attempted to loop the aircraft to the left in hopes of avoiding going off the end of the runway with limited distance. During the loop/turn to the left, the right main gear had a slight load on it at which time it buckled and went through the upper surface of the right wing. The aircraft came to rest approximately a 100+ feet off the side of runway. Post-accident investigation revealed no obvious mechanical issues with aircraft’s braking system.

DESCRIPTION OF DAMAGES: See attached photos. Aircraft suffered significant structural damage to include right wing, right flap, right landing gear, nose gear sheared, nose section crushed, lower fuselage skins between nose section and trailing edge of the wing have significant number of dents and gashes. Engines may require FOD inspections.  


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