Sunday, October 9, 2016

Bellingham Airport evacuated after screening swab tests positive for explosive

BELLINGHAM, Wash. - Bellingham International Airport was evacuated as a precaution after a screening swab tested positive for explosives Sunday afternoon.

A Bellingham Police bomb squad was called in and investigating the incident. 

A medium black suitcase was later spotted on the sidewalk of a passenger pickup area. A bomb robot was deployed to obtain X-rays of the suitcase. Investigators later determined the suitcase was empty.

About 300 passengers were in the post-screening area at the time. Police said those people are fine and are "far from the area of concern." 


BELLINGHAM, Wash. - The Bellingham International Airport was evacuated Sunday evening. 

A bomb squad was at the airport investigating after screeners got "a positive swab for explosives," police said.

The item swabbed was luggage left unattended. By Sunday evening, police had determined the luggage was "completely empty."

At least one flight was impacted, according to police. Operations were beginning to resume as normal at about 5:15 p.m.

Around 300 passengers were allowed to stay in a post-screening area during the investigation, "far from the area of concern," police said. 


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