Saturday, August 20, 2016

Grand Junction Regional Airport (KGJT) makes decision on unfinished building

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) -- For nearly two years the building next to the Grand Junction Airport terminal went unfinished. Initial plans were to make it an administration building. After years of planning and offers from the city, the airport board has decided to halt further construction on the building, as it is no longer in the budget.

“The airport knows already that it's going to have a runway project that takes the forefront of that plan. A total runway replacement that's going to be a 100 million dollar plus project,” said GJT executive director Kip Turner.

Aside from the runway, there will also be a taxiway project.

"So basically all of the federal money, the federal assistance, and the state assistance money we would get for the next 10 years are already tied to the runway and taxiway projects," said Turner.

Since money has already been spent the airport is going to utilize what they can from the building.

“We're going to salvage the materials that were in the top two floors, and either re-sell those or re-use those and re-cap those investments there," said Turner.

The airport also plans to keep the foundation of the building and use it in the future. Right now the other projects take priority due to safety precautions.

Turner said they are not sure when demolitions will take place, or how long they will be. He doesn’t anticipate it will be a long process.