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Robinson R66, Guidance Aviation, N117TW: Fatal accident occurred June 23, 2016 in Wikieup, Mohave County, Arizona


FAA Flight Standards District Office: FAA Scottsdale FSDO-07

NTSB Identification: WPR16FA130
14 CFR Part 91: General Aviation
Accident occurred Thursday, June 23, 2016 in Wikieup, AZ
Aircraft: ROBINSON HELICOPTER CO R66, registration: N117TW
Injuries: 2 Fatal.

This is preliminary information, subject to change, and may contain errors. Any errors in this report will be corrected when the final report has been completed. NTSB investigators either traveled in support of this investigation or conducted a significant amount of investigative work without any travel, and used data obtained from various sources to prepare this aircraft accident report.

On June 23, 2016, about 1420 mountain standard time, a Robinson R66, N117TW, collided with terrain under unknown circumstances near Wikieup, Arizona. Guidance Aviation was operating the helicopter under the provisions of Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 91. The commercial pilot and the commercial pilot rated passenger sustained fatal injuries. The helicopter was destroyed during the accident sequence, and the cabin area was consumed by a post impact fire. The cross-country positioning flight departed Prescott, Arizona, about 1340 with a planned destination of Riverside, California. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed, and no flight plan had been filed. 

The pilot was going to Riverside to take a Part 135 chief pilot check ride with an inspector from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Flight Standards District Office located there. The pilot rated passenger was the operator's Part 141 Chief Pilot. 

The airplane was reported overdue when it did not arrive at the destination, and the wreckage was located about 0430 on June 24. 

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigator-in-charge (IIC), inspectors from the FAA, and an investigator from Robinson Helicopter Company examined the wreckage on site. The helicopter came to rest in hilly desert terrain. The debris field was about 750 yards long and 150 yards wide. One of the first pieces identified was the outboard 5 feet of a main rotor blade afterbody that had separated from the leading edge spar. The left side of the helicopter was more fragmented than the right, and left side cabin pieces and instruments were distributed throughout the early part of the debris field. The tail boom was about midway into the debris field. The left side/nose cabin was in the same approximate part of the debris field with a straight separation line across one side. The cabin came to rest inverted about 600 yards into the debris field, and was destroyed by a postcrash fire. The engine remained attached to the cabin. The remaining piece of main rotor blade was about the same distance into the debris field, but 85 yards left of the debris path centerline. The transmission, mast, and second main rotor blade separated as a unit, and were about 100 yards past the cabin area in the direction of the centerline of the debris field. The main rotor driveshaft was bent approximately 15 degrees at the swashplate.

Those who may have information that might be relevant to the National Transportation Safety Board investigation may contact them by email,  and any friends and family who want to contact investigators about the accident should email


Two people are dead following a helicopter crash near Wikieup, according to the Mohave County Sheriff's Office

The Robinson R66 helicopter crashed Thursday afternoon while flying from Prescott to Riverside, California. Search crews found the wreckage of the helicopter early Friday morning.

Authorities said the helicopter burned after crashing.

Identification of the two males is pending medical examiner review.

The aircraft was reported overdue when it failed to arrive at its destination on time.

The Yavapai County Sheriff's Office tracked the victims' cellphone to an area just north of Alamo Lake, south of Wikieup.

Mohave County Search and Rescue Units responded, along with the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office and Department of Public Safety Ranger, and were able to locate the crash site about 8 miles west of Highway 93 off Signal Road.

A Federal Aviation Administration inspector is heading to the crash site.

The FAA and National Transportation Safety Board will investigate to determine the cause of the crash.

Original article can be found here:

WIKIEUP, Ariz. - Mohave County Sheriff's Search and Rescue unit found the bodies of two men at the site of a helicopter crash early Friday morning.

According to a media release, at approximately 12:20 a.m., Mohave County Sheriff's Office was contacted by Yavapai Sheriff's Office for report of an overdue flight that was bound from Riverside, California and scheduled to land in Prescott.

Yavapai County Sheriff's Office tracked the victims' cell phone to an area just north of Alamo Lake, south of Wikieup.

Search and Rescue Units along with the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office and a Department of Public Safety Ranger were able to locate the crash site and found two deceased men.

Their identities will be revealed pending the medical examiner's review.

The FAA and the NTSB will continue to investigate the cause of the crash.

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WIKIEUP, Ariz. - Officials say two men are dead after a helicopter crash near Wikieup on Thursday.

The FAA says the Robinson R66 helicopter had two people on board, heading to Riverside, Calif. from Prescott.

The aircraft was reported overdue when it failed to arrive at the destination.

Mohave County Sheriff's Office says one of the victim's cell phones was tracked to an area north of Alamo Lake near Wikieup.

Search crews found the wreckage early Friday morning. The helicopter had reportedly burned up after the crash and the two occupants were found dead.

Their identities have not yet been released.

The NTSB and FAA are looking into the cause of the crash.

Story and video:

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