Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Heat forces Rosecrans Memorial Airport (KSTJ) runway closure

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Rosecrans Memorial Airport has been forced to close its runway after heat caused its main runway to buckle.

“We have a main runway that’s 8,000 foot long and right in the middle of it, 4,000 foot down the runway we had some concrete buckle,” said Abe Forney, Rosecrans General Manager. “This hot air that we’ve had hasn’t given time for the soil temperatures to heat up slowly and so when it does it rapidly I guess that concrete expands fast and unfortunately this happened.”

Forney said the runway was closed Tuesday morning around 8-thirty.

“The crosswind runway is currently being reconstructed so they’re pouring brand new concrete on that and unfortunately this happened on the main runway so the whole airport is currently closed,” Forney said.

He said crews are cutting the concrete and working to remove about 30 panels.

“Hopefully they will pour the concrete tomorrow,” Forney said. “That concrete needs to cure so we don’t have an exact time or date but we’re doing our best to try to get things patched up as soon as possible so I don’t have an exact time or date.”

He said worst case scenario the airport could be closed for around a week. The cost of the project is unknown at this time.

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