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Delta Airlines, Boeing 717-200, N939AT: Incident occurred May 08, 2016 at Nashville International Airport (KBNA), Davidson County, Tennessee


Date: 08-MAY-16
Time: 21:19:00Z
Regis#: DAL762
Aircraft Make: BOEING
Aircraft Model: 717
Event Type: Incident
Activity: Commercial
Flight Phase: UNKNOWN (UNK)  
Aircraft Operator: DAL-Delta Air Lines
Flight Number: DAL762
FAA Flight Standards District Office:FAA Nashville FSDO-19
State: Tennessee


CALHOUN, TN (WRCB) -  UPDATE: A viewer says her neighbors were testing out a camera, taking pictures of cattle when they stumbled upon the pieces of metal. 


FAA officials will be investigating parts found in Calhoun, Tennessee that possibly came off a Delta plane over the weekend.

A viewer sent a picture of the discovery to the Channel 3 newsroom.

A Calhoun family, who does not want to be identified at this time, says they found two separate pieces in farm fields about a mile apart from each other.

The FAA has not confirmed those parts belong to the Delta Boeing 717 that made an emergency landing in Nashville Sunday afternoon, after one of the engine covers came off the plane as it flew over Cleveland, Tennessee.

FAA spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen tells Channel 3, the FAA will be investigating these parts as quickly as possible.


A Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta to Chicago had to make an emergency landing in Nashville after part of the plane broke away from the plane over Cleveland, Tennessee.  

The Boeing 717 was flying at about 28,000 feet, when it hit turbulence. Airline officials say the turbulence was so severe, one of the plane's engine covers came off, hitting part of the fuselage.  

Officials are now looking for the missing piece and residents are looking too.

"That's wild, it could be anywhere here, it could be in your front yard or backyard, it could be anywhere," said resident John Shelton. 

Betty Pack says she couldn't even imagine making that kind of a find herself. 

"I'd just think what is that and where did it come from," said Pack. 

Delta officials say the Boeing 717 was flying at 28,000 thousand feet when it hit severe turbulence over Cleveland,  former NTSB Chairman Jim Hall tells Channel 3 that turbulence alone couldn't have done this . 

"It's infrequent, very infrequent in this situation looking at the photographs of the aircraft with the cowling totally off, you know it raises a question as to whether that piece of the engine had been properly secured," said Jim Hall. 

Hall says a large piece of sheet metal being dropped at 28,000 feet, could have ended in a tragedy. 

"It could have gone through a roof of someone's house or business and obviously if it struck somebody it could have caused a fatal injury," said Hall. 
"That ain't safe for anyone, I think they need to inspect their planes better," said Shelton. 

The damaged plane landed safely in Nashville with 109 passengers aboard. Delta is now investigating the incident, the airline says the safety and security of their customers is a top priority. Residents in Cleveland say they'll think twice before booking a flight. 

"No and I'm not going to, there's too much these days happening," said Pack. 

If you find the missing engine cover or cowling contact Delta or the local Federal Aviation Administrative Office at  (423) 855-6480.

Hall says it's important that investigators examine the part to see what went wrong and prevent something like this from happening again. 

Story and video:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A commercial airline has made an emergency landing at Nashville International Airport.

Delta Flight 762 from Atlanta to Chicago hit turbulence above Cleveland, Tennessee Sunday afternoon.

Engine lights went on at 28,000 feet on the Boeing 717-200.

Photographs showed how the entire cowling came off engine number one on the right side.

The loose cowling then appeared to have hit part of the fuselage.

The aircraft landed safely with 114 passengers.

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