Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Saab aircraft is for charter flights only

The  vice president and director of operations of Aviation Concepts Inc., which operates a Saab 340 aircraft, says it is an on-demand charter plane only with no scheduled service available to the general public. It also has no individual ticket sales available to the general public, Andrew Svoboda added in an email to Variety.

He said their aircraft, which can fly to Guam, Rota or Saipan, is operated in accordance with U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

Their aircraft, he added, started flying last month.

It was earlier reported that Marianas Hoppers was operating the Saab 340 aircraft, but Svoboda said Aviation Concepts does not own Marianas Hoppers, and “as far as anyone can tell there is only one Saab 340 aircraft in the islands that is operating and it is operated” by Aviation Concepts.

Svoboda said he has already asked Mark Michael, owner of Dive Rota, to remove the Marianas Hoppers advertisement from the Dive Rota website.

Svoboda said they are not authorized to advertise or sell tickets for their flight service.

In a separate email to Variety, Michael said he got information from Marianas Hoppers’ office on Guam and decided to put it on his website to promote the new airline and its services.

Michael said he has removed the advertisement upon Svoboda’s request.

Maryann Lizama, executive director of the Commonwealth Ports Authority, said she has met with officials of Aviation Concepts Inc. who expressed an interest in serving the CNMI public.

But she said the airline must comply with certain requirements first before it can fly commercially, adding that the company cannot advertise or sell tickets unless it has complied with those requirements.

Original article can be found here: http://www.mvariety.com

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