Friday, March 25, 2016

Diamond DA20-C1 Eclipse, 4X-CXC: Fatal accident occurred March 25, 2016 near Haifa, Israel

IDF Brig.-Gen. Munir Amar.

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IDF Brig.-Gen. Munir Amar, 47,  was named as the pilot who died Friday when the light plane he was operating crashed into a mountainside in the North near the Misgav region. 

Amar served as the head of the COGAT Civil Administration in the West Bank and previously served as a former battalion commander in the predominantly Druze "Herev" Brigade.

Amar was manning a private civilian flight when the crash occurred.

His aircraft departed from Haifa and crashed about a quarter of an hour after takeoff. 

After the Israel Airports Authority (IAA) reported lost contact with the aircraft in the Lower Galilee region, police began searches for it. 

According to initial reports, Amar was alone in the plane. 

Less than an hour later the aircraft was located on the southern side of Mount Kamon. 

Magen David Adom reported that there was no ground vehicle access to the site of the crash, and that Air Force personnel arrived on foot to the downed plane.

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