Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Denver International Airport (KDEN) announces new group to tackle drone issue

DENVER - Denver International Airport announced Wednesday the formation of a regional group to identify solutions to hazards drones can cause when they're flown near airports.

DIA says the purpose of the group is for representatives of various outlets, including the Federal Aviation Administration, regional airports and law enforcement to share experiences with drone issues and help develop future policy recommendations as new regulations are made into federal law.

The group will work to find the best ways to document and respond to drone incidents. They will also develop procedures that work towards safe commercial drone uses at airports in addition to public outreach and education on safe drone usage.

DIA will air public service announcements featuring drone safety information in the Jeppesen Terminal for two weeks in December during the holiday season. See the short video here:

"Pilot reports about unmanned aircraft flying in their vicinity have increased dramatically in the last year, and this is a trend that the FAA is very concerned about," Joe Morra, operations manager for the FAA's Office of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration, wrote. "We're addressing this growing problem through a combination of increased educational outreach efforts and, in cases where unmanned aircraft operators endanger the safety of the National Airspace System, enforcement action."

The agencies involved in the new group include DIA, the FAA, The Colorado Department of Transportation's Aeronautics Division, Centennial Airport, Front Range Airport, Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, The Denver Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

According to the FAA, recreational drone users must stay below 400 feet and must contact air traffic controllers if they are within five miles of an airport. They say over the last three months, drones have been seen on or near DIA property seven times at altitudes up to 3,660 feet and as close as 500 feet to approaching aircraft.

DIA is asking the public to report drone operations on or near the airports to law enforcement to discourage it.

Anyone who spots a drone on or near airport property can call Denver Police dispatchers at 303-342-4211.

To learn more about operating a drone, visit:


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