Sunday, March 22, 2015

Stag group heading for party in Benidorm are booted off Ryanair flight by police after claims the group was ‘unruly and disruptive and left male steward in tears’

A stag party were ordered off a flight bound for Spain after they were accused of being 'disruptive' and reducing an air steward to tears because of their behavior. 

The group of 20 revellers from Wrexham in North Wales said they had paid more than £4,000 for the weekend break to Benidorm, in order to celebrate Wayne Roberts' wedding next month. 

After they made a male flight attendant cry, the pilot called the police and ordered the party to leave the plane - which was due to take off from Manchester Airport and fly to Alicante. 

Ryanair defended the decision and said it 'will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behavior at any time.'

The incident took place Friday, March 13, after the 20 strong group boarded the plane. Police were called, with some members of the group removed and others leaving voluntarily.

One of the group, Chris Jones, 32, who lost around £200, said : 'We had a bite to eat and a beer and got on the plane.

'No one was drunk. We were not wearing stag T-shirts or being loud or offensive. We took our seats and were talking in groups, as you do.

'About five to ten minutes later, we heard a whisper the police had been called to kick someone off. We had no idea it was us.

'We had been joking around, saying how embarrassing it would be for the person, and the next thing the officers came up to us and asked us to leave.'

They claim they received no warnings before being ordered off the flight.

According to the group, a male steward said he 'couldn't cope' with them and broke down in tears. 

Mr Jones added: 'The police did try reasoning with him but the captain then came out and put his arm round the steward and said he wouldn't fly with us on board.' 

He claimed police told them to go and book another flight because they were not overly drunk but there were none left that evening.  

The group went back to Wrexham in an attempt to salvage the celebrations.

The planned trip was meant to be similar to a previous stag party they had all gone on, when they travelled to Prague last year.  

It is understood every member of the party - including the 'devastated' groom, have now made formal complaints to the budget airline about their treatment.

A spokesman for Ryanair denied the group was treated unfairly.

He said: 'The crew of this flight from Manchester to Alicante requested police assistance prior to departure after a number of customers became disruptive during the boarding process.
'Police removed a number of individuals from the aircraft, while others disembarked voluntarily.

'Ryanair apologised to the other customers for the slight delay to their flight departure, but reaffirmed that the safety and comfort of its customers, crew and aircraft is its priority.

'Ryanair will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behavior at any time.'

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: 'Officers attended and, as requested, the group left the airplane in a peaceful manner.

'No offenses were committed.'

British visitors on a Spanish news website backed the airline's tough action.

Ken Devey wrote: 'Few beers down them and they forget they are not the only ones on board the flight. Good on Ryanair.'

Another Briton, Steve, said : 'Quite right too. I find noisy hen and stag parties on flights most annoying.'

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