Monday, March 09, 2015

New Mexico Airlines president fired for unknown reasons • Former maintenance director takes his place

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —In the midst of a Federal Aviation Administration investigation, the president of New Mexico Airlines has been fired.

When the airline abruptly grounded planes for unknown maintenance issues in December, the FAA stepped in. Then-President Gabriel Kimbrell met with the administration regarding the investigation. 

The grounding led to widespread cancellations for weeks, along with many upset passengers.

Kimbrell was fired Monday for unknown reasons. Former Maintenance Director Darrin Lofton confirmed the firing. 

Lofton said the airline has hired a new director of operations and a new chief pilot. He said five of the airline's six aircraft are on the ground receiving new engine components.

The CEO of New Mexico Airlines is expected to meet with FAA officials at its flight standards district office in Albuquerque on Tuesday, Lofton said.

New Mexico Airlines is only flying to Carlsbad. The Los Alamos Airport cut ties with the airline.

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