Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Accident occurred March 24, 2015 in Verdigris, Rogers County, Oklahoma

A single-engine Cessna 208 crashed in a field east of the Will Rogers Turnpike near 540 Road in Verdigris.

Troopers say it happened around 3 p.m. Tuesday.

There were two people on board, the pilot and a mechanic.

The pilot had a busted nose and went to a hospital, not seriously hurt.

The mechanic had minor bumps and bruises and did not need medical attention.

The FAA says the plane may have had engine trouble before going down.

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A plane has crashed into a field east of Verdigris. 

Details are limited at this time but FOX23 has learned that two people on the plane suffered minor injuries.

Officials say that a mayday call went out from the pilot on Tuesday afternoon.

That message was picked up by a helicopter pilot with the  Tulsa Police Department.

Authorities say that pilot was able to follow the plane down.

FOX23 has been in touch with the FAA and is told they are working to gather more details.

Story and photos:  http://www.fox23.com

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a plane crash that occurred Tuesday afternoon just east of Verdigris.

According to Verdigris police, the single-engine plane went down in a field near East 540 Road. 

FAA spokesperson Tony Molinaro said the pilot of a Cessna 208B aircraft reported engine problems shortly before attempting a forced landing in the field. 

The plane reportedly hit a tree as it landed.

Two people were on board. 

Names of occupants and injuries have not been reported at this time, according to the FAA.

The flight plan is unknown and tail number of the plane is also unavailable at this time.

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