Monday, February 09, 2015

Incident occurred February 09, 2015 off off Galiano Island - BC, Canada

VANCOUVER – Two men are OK after the float plane they were in crashed off Galiano Island Monday afternoon. 

A spokesperson for the Ganges Coast Guard on Saltspring Island says the owner and co-pilot of Ocean Air Floatplanes were in the plane performing a procedure when they had trouble during takeoff.

The float plane crashed near Montague Harbour on Galiano Island.

Both men in the plane were ejected. They were able to keep afloat by clinging to the plane in the water and were not injured in the incident.

They have both been rescued.


Two people escaped with their lives after a Cessna 180 float plane crashed into the chilly waters off Montague Harbour between Galiano and Salt Spring Island around 2pm.

The Transportation Safety Board’s Bill Yearwood says it’s hoping the pilot will be able to explain what happened.

“We are not dispatching any investigators; we think the pilot will be able to help us understand what caused the accident.”

The pilot and passenger did not suffer serious injuries.

Yearwood adds the aircraft is classified as an air taxi operation, so it could be part of the TSB’s industry safety review. 

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