Monday, February 02, 2015

Fiji Airways Captain Satpreet Singh: Pilot from Wailailai

Fiji Airways Captain Satpreet Singh 

There is never a dull moment in the life of an aircraft pilot particularly when faced with many challenges every day both in the air and on the ground.

Managing elements of Mother Nature such as thunderstorms, rain, fog, wind, clear air turbulence, volcanic ash clouds and icing conditions. Then there are things such as bird-strikes and uncontrolled airports along with high traffic density airports are just some of the things that pilots go through day in, day out.

Fiji Airways Captain Satpreet Singh, who is the manager flight operations training and B737 captain, said there was never a dull moment in his profession and pilots learnt something new every time they flew.

"The interesting part of my work is the adrenalin rush, the variable meteorological conditions, seeing some amazing weather patterns, seeing different countries, flying sophisticated modern jets and as a manager training, learning and respecting the management perspective of the airline," Mr Singh said.

"I have been with Fiji Airways for 17 years and I have been in the profession for 24 years and have logged over 15,000 hours of flying time.

"I was born and bred in Wailailai, Ba and it was a burning childhood dream to become a pilot.

"What I clearly remember about my childhood was when I would hear airplanes flying over our home. I would run outside to get a glimpse of it or when we went to the Nadi airport, I would run up to the viewing terrace in the hope of seeing an aircraft take off or land."

He said he was one of the fortunate ones who achieved a dream like that, coming from a humble place like Ba.

"As a pilot, other challenges would include dealing with delays, aircraft dispatch issues, dealing with sick passengers and thinking about diverting the aircraft for medical assistance and associated consequences," he said.

"When I am not flying I get on a boat and head out to sea. Seeing and admiring the beautiful marine life of Fiji and of course to fish. I also love playing badminton with my two boys and friends.

"The most rewarding thing about being a manager in training is the experience, the exposure and the guidance I am getting at the management level is invaluable and has brought me to another level.

"Being part of a young, dynamic, innovative flight operations management team that is being steered by the general manager flight operations and chief pilot, Captain Josua Cavalevu, gives me a great sense of satisfaction especially putting flight operations strategic plans that will help Fiji Airways spread its wings further," Mr Singh said.