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Prosecutors Waiting For Report: Macedonian Police Mi-17V, MAP-7712, accident occurred July 10, 2014 in Eastern Macedonia

After almost five months since the crash in Strumica, when four pilots lost their lives, the Inter-sector committee, formed to investigate the reasons for the fall of the helicopter, has not completed and submitted the report, reads

Inter-sector Committee formed to investigate the helicopter crash is still preparing the report that refers to all pre-investigation actions taken in relation to define the details of the death of four MOI pilots killed in the helicopter crash in Strumica. After almost five months of the accident the relevant authorities have no answer for the reasons why it happened.

Prosecution say they still have not received the report upon which the public prosecutor of Strumica will have to decide on the further course of the procedure.

“Competent prosecutor is undertaking investigation and collecting the necessary facts and evidence for the case. The Report from Commission for investigating aviation accidents is expected. Based on its analysis public prosecutor's decision on the ongoing process will be made”, reads the response of the prosecution.

The report should include an analysis of the executed expert evidence, that the investigating authorities have collected for about ten days at the location of the accident.

The Sector of Internal Affairs-Strumica informs that all documentation related to the experts’ work performed with respect to the investigation of the accident, is being sent to them, but they are immediately forwarding it to the competent prosecutor. They claim they are just the link between the investigating authorities and the prosecution.

Five months ago the Prosecutors announced that according to the sales contract for the aircraft black boxes will listened to in the Russian aviation administration in the Interstate Aviation Committee in Moscow.

The recorded conversation of controllers in the Air Traffic Control and the pilots, as well as the black box of the aircraft should reveal what pilots in the cockpit talked about before the accident, and whether there were any problems with the plane.

Pilots Dragi Micev Marjan Trajkovic, Tode Oreskov and Ilija Lopaticki were the top staff of the helicopter’s unit. They were experienced pilots with countless hours of realized flights in different conditions and in different actions.

The accident happened on July 10 around 10 p.m. near Strumica.

Pilots performed night flight simulator flight and the helicopter they operated hit an aerial pillar of the Macedonian Broadcasting Company, 120 meters tall.

Helicopter "MI 17-V5" was owned by the Macedonian Ministry of Interior. It was on a flight route Skopje - Kavadarci - Valandovo - Strumica Berovo - Delcevo and back. It was regularly serviced and during the flight during which night vision gadgets were used the pilots did not complain of any problems.

Immediately after the accident Commission for investigation of the crash of the police helicopter composed of experts from different fields was formed in order to ascertain the reasons for the same.

Eleven member Commission led by the Public Prosecutor, is composed of experts from the Ministry of Interior, MOI Branch of Strumica, criminal technique and the helicopter unit. According to the legislation, there is no specific deadline for submission of the report. Prosecution informed that pursuant to the Criminal Procedure they are not tied with deadlines to submit the report.

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