Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cop booted from Caribbean Airlines flight for refusing to turn off phone

(Trinidad Express) A senior police officer was thrown off a Caribbean Airlines flight to Tobago on Thursday night when he refused to switch off his cellular telephone and became hostile when the flight attendant asked him several times.

The Express was told that the cop was heading to Tobago (a 15-minute trip) to assume duties there but as the flight was about to depart the flight attendant was making her final checks of the passengers when she noticed that the man was still on his phone. She reminded him of the protocols and that he needed to comply with the international rules. He reportedly asked her if she knew who he was but she said she did not. She continued to stand her ground and insisted that the man switch off the mobile device or the airplane would not leave Piarco International Airport. He continued to refuse. Security protocols were triggered and security officials were forced to board the plane and remove the cop. The flight was able to take off a short time later.

The police officer later told security officials that he was not arguing with the flight attendant and tried to switch off his cellular telephone but a malfunction with the device caused it to not switch off even when he tried. The cop was not detained and a National Security helicopter was used to transport him to Tobago. Sources told the Express that he was allowed to use his cellphone during the helicopter flight.


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