Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bombardier sells 24 CRJ900 aircraft to undisclosed customer: CRJ900 aircraft intended for medium-range trips

Bombardier has sold 24 regional jets to an unidentified customer for $1.14 billion US.

The sale of CRJ900 NextGen aircraft brings total orders for Bombardier’s CRJ series to 1,858. The jets are intended for medium-range trips and can seat up to 90 passengers.

Shares in Bombardier on the Toronto Stock Exchange were up 1.6 percent at mid-afternoon on Tuesday.

Bombardier says the CRJ900 NextGen model is up to 5.5 percent more fuel efficient than the original CRJ900. The company describes the jet as “the most cost-efficient jet aircraft in its class.” CRJ series jets are used by more than 60 airlines around the world, according to Bombardier.

Although the CRJ series of aircraft is far from new, it’s still being ordered by customers.  

American Airlines placed a firm order for 30 CRJ900 NextGen jets in December of 2013, with options to order 40 additional aircraft. Earlier this year, an undisclosed customer ordered 16 CRJ900 NextGen aircraft, with options for eight more.

Bombardier delivered 45 CRJ series jets in the nine-month period ending Sept, 30, 2014, including 35 CRJ900 NextGen models.

Story and Comments:  http://www.cbc.ca

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