Sunday, November 23, 2014

Higher fuel sales paying off for Tullahoma Regional Airport (KTHA), Tennessee

The Tullahoma Regional Airport is continuing to sell a high volume of fuel and that’s paying off is several ways.

Airport manager Jon Glass told the Airport Authority at its meeting Tuesday night that fuel sales are up significantly over last year and that through the month of October the airport sold 15,123 gallons more than over the same period last year.

He noted that there are now more jet aircraft based at the airport than in years past and that overall traffic also has increased significantly.

“October was the second best month we have had in the history of the airport,” Glass said.

“We saw 8,876.21 gallons sold during the annual Beechcraft Party this year,” Glass said. “That is a good figure.” He noted that 144 planes took part in the event.

“That is not a record but it is a good number,” Glass said.

He said because of the good sales the airport has been able to pay off a loan on its Avgas truck about a year early.

“We have a UDAG (Urban Development Grant) and the payment is $100 a month,” he said..

Because the loan on the fuel truck could be paid off, the authority has decided to reduce the price charged for Avgas by a nickel per gallon.

“That will make us more competitive,” said new board member Jim George.

Glass also told the authority that he took part in a lengthy phone interview with representatives of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) about the chances of Tullahoma getting to host one of four annual events held by the organization.

He noted that he got a “good feeling” from the phone interview. “We were told that if we didn’t get it this year that they will save it for the next couple of years,” Glass said.

Locations chosen to host the AOPA events are expected to be announced after the first of the year.

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