Friday, October 24, 2014

Man climbed fence to reach plane in Timaru

An Air New Zealand flight at Timaru’s Richard Pearse Airport. Groundstaff stopped a man who climbed the fence and approached a flight in September. 

Airport staff stopped a man approaching a passenger flight as its engines started at Timaru's airport in September, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has revealed.

The man had climbed a 1.2 metre fence to pass an item to one of the passengers, and the pilot of the Air New Zealand flight on September 13 was only alerted to the man's presence while starting the Beech aircraft engines.

Timaru District Council group services manager Ashley Harper said the council's airport operations contractor stopped the man and escorted him back into the terminal. Harper said the man had ignored warning signs and was "very foolish to have done so".

The contractor noted the incident and no further action was required.

The incident is one of three involving Timaru's Richard Pearse Airport listed in a document released by the CAA under the Official Information Act, which detailed 246 aircraft incidents around the country in the last two years.

A Cessna 172's propeller struck the ground on August 25 when its nose wheel rolled into a dip.

The CAA was also alerted on August 15 when an Air Tractor 504 crop-dressing plane rolled backwards off a set of scales after being re-weighed. Its rudder boost tab had to be replaced as a result.

Other unusual incidents reported to the CAA included:

- With engines running on a plane scheduled to leave Great Barrier Island in May, a passenger "decided they did not want to fly and opened the right hand door"

- A close shave between a baggage cart and a Beech plane in Auckland on October 4 was blamed on the cart driver not paying attention

- A couple tried boarding a flight in New Plymouth with a total of eight pieces of hand luggage between them in March 2013

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