Friday, October 24, 2014

Incident occurred October 24, 2014 at Ottawa International Airport, Ontario, Canada

A small research plane skidded off the runway while attempting to land near the National Research Council runway at the Ottawa International Airport Friday morning.

NRC spokesman Charles Drouin said the pilot and sole occupant of the craft is safe, and that the C-wing aircraft was being used in a test flight.

The NRC plane had been flying over Ottawa and was scheduled to land on Runway No. 25 when "something happened" during landing, said Drouin, though details are not immediately clear.

Drouin said the pilot is safely out of the plane and with firefighters who attended the scene, and injuries are not considered serious.

"It skidded off the runway quite a long way, so there is significant damage to the plane," said Drouin.

More details are expected soon...

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