Friday, September 12, 2014

Pakistan International Airlines flight narrowly avoids collision with jets

Quetta, Pakistan  -   A Quetta-bound PIA flight traveling from Karachi almost collided with two fighter jets on Friday, but the tragedy was averted just in time, with the plane landing safely in Balochistan's provincial capital following the incident.

Flight PK-368 was close to landing at the airport in Quetta when the two fighter jets appeared but the PIA pilot acted quickly and managed to prevent the collision.

The plane which was carrying over 100 passengers received two shocks and after the collision was averted remained in mid-air for 30 minutes, landing only after receiving clearance from airport authorities.

The plane has been taken on wet lease Jordan and its crew is also from the country.

The situation was caused by a mistake from a radar operator at Quetta airport which is adjacent to the Samungli air force base.

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