Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Spectators and performers prepare for the Atlantic City Airshow - Thunder Over The Boardwalk 

ATLANTIC CITY - The sound of thunder has returned to South Jersey, and Tuesday, one lucky woman had the chance to fly with the Air Force Thunderbirds as they prepare for Wednesday's airshow. 

 "We were inverted, we were doing rolls, and we're doing g-pulls."

Andrea Lawful–Trainer was nominated as a hometown hero for her role as a volunteer and mentor to more than 25 young people and adults in the community. Hard work, that earned her the flight of a lifetime.

"I was so excited, I never thought in a million years this would happen," said Lawful-Trainer.

As for the aerial acrobatics Andrea experienced today. . .

"They'll see all of that and more this week at the show," said Major Mike Fisher of the Thunderbirds.

From modern F–16s to vintage World War Two planes, the Geico Skytypers took to the skies above Atlantic City on several occasions Tuesday as they look ahead to Wednesday's show.

"It's going to be a terrific show right here on the boardwalk in Atlantic City,” said Steve Kapur, Pilot for the Skytypers. “The Air Force Thunderbirds are here to fly, we're here to fly, we do a tight formation right down on the water in front of the fans."

Like the Thunderbirds, the Skytypers fly in shows around the country, but pilots say, there is something special about Thunder Over the Boardwalk.

"People are just really open and warm and glad to have us and it's a terrific turn out on the beach when we do the show," said Kapur.

Here in Atlantic City, spectators dodged some stray rain drops and took advantage of a much thinner crowd for Tuesday's practice run.

"I think it's the best event of the year, I love it," said spectator Sean Kelleher.

Kelleher and his family come see the practice show each year to avoid the large crowds. "We've come on the Wednesday and it's so crowded you can't even move."

Others like Mike and Rose Carson from Ohio purposely planned their trip to Atlantic City around the show. "We've seen a couple of parachutist, we've seen the flights that are going on now, its making us look forward to tomorrow," said Rose.

Fans hope that Tuesday's clouds disappear, but plenty of thunder sticks around for Wednesday's show.

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