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Pilot OK Aft'r Crash-Lan'yun' Small Plane N' Arkansas Riv'r: Progressive Aerodyne Searey, N353TH

Pilot OK Aft'r Crash-Lan'yun' Small Plane N' Arkansas Riv'r

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T' pilot o'a small sea plane wuz nairy injuret aft'r t'aircraft crash-lan'et into t'Arkansas Riv'r un Saturdee.

About 7:18 p.m., t'pilot, Tim Hazlewuod o'Vun Bure, wuz fleeyun' above t'Arkansas Riv'r near Fort Smith Park wen it appeeret he tride ta lan' t'plane n' t'wat'r, sed Battalion Chief Tery Graves wit t'Fort Smith Fire Department.

Garrett Glenn, 19, who wuz out boatyun' wit his'n twin bruther, Ryun, an' thar frien, Brad Barnard, also 19, along wit acoupla teenage gurls, saw t'plane a'kummin downstreem toward t'Midlan' bridge an' attempt ta lan' n' t'wat'r. Insteed, it nose-divet.

“We didn’t knoe whut ta reckon,” Garrett Glenn sed. “It put us all n' a shock.”

T' group hedded out toward t'spot whar t'plane floatid upside down, hesitant at furst becawz thay were’t shure wuther un spolshun could erupt an' becawz thay didn’t see t'pilot innywhar, Garrett Glenn sed.

Oncet thay saw t'pilot underneeth t'plane, thay wavet 'im un. Hazlewuod gut onto t'wyun' o't' plane befor t'group gut 'im into thar boat. Ryun Glenn, who wuz drivin t'boat, callt 911 an' Hazlewuod wuz bull ta call his'n biddy an' tell hern whut happent, Garrett Glenn sed.

T' group tiet up t'plane ta thar boat wit a peece o'rope an' tride ta pull it ashere as autheritees arrivet at t'ssene.

Hazlewuod wuz nairy injuret an' did nairy rekwire hospital treetment, Graves sed.

Graves describet t'aircraft as a small, experimantal sea plane. Firefighters air unsure if'n t'plane had sum type o'engine malfuncshun befor t'crash, he sed.

Croos attemptid ta pluck t'plane out o't' wat'r but wuz unabull at t'spot near t'park. Dishnull croos towet t'plane ta a ramp near Midlan' whar thay pullt it ta shere, Graves sed.

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Tim F. Hazlewood:

Progressive Aerodyne, Inc., Searey:
Progressive Aerodyne Searey, N353TH: Accident occurred July 12, 2014 on the Arkansas River, Fort Smith, Arkansas  

Pilot OK After Crash-Landing Small Plane In Arkansas River 

The pilot of a Progressive Aerodyne Searey was not injured after the experimental aircraft crashed into the Arkansas River on Saturday.

About 7:18 p.m., the pilot, Tim Hazlewood of Van Buren, was flying above the Arkansas River near Fort Smith Park when it appeared he tried to land the plane in the water, said Battalion Chief Tery Graves with the Fort Smith Fire Department.

Garrett Glenn, 19, who was out boating with his twin brother, Ryan, and their friend, Brad Barnard, also 19, along with two teenage girls, saw the plane coming downstream toward the Midland bridge and attempt to land in the water. Instead, it nose-dived.

“We didn’t know what to think,” Garrett Glenn said. “It put us all in a shock.”

The group headed out toward the spot where the plane floated upside down, hesitant at first because they weren’t sure whether an explosion could erupt and because they didn’t see the pilot anywhere, Garrett Glenn said.

Once they saw the pilot underneath the plane, they waved him on. Hazlewood got onto the wing of the plane before the group got him into their boat. Ryan Glenn, who was driving the boat, called 911 and Hazlewood was able to call his wife and tell her what happened, Garrett Glenn said.

The group tied up the plane to their boat with a piece of rope and tried to pull it ashore as authorities arrived at the scene.

Hazlewood was not injured and did not require hospital treatment, Graves said.

Graves described the aircraft as a small, experimental sea plane. Firefighters are unsure if the plane had some type of engine malfunction before the crash, he said.

Crews attempted to pluck the plane out of the water but were unable at the spot near the park. Additional crews towed the plane to a ramp near Midland where they pulled it to shore, Graves said.

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Plane Crashes In Fort Smith; Pilot Rescued By Boaters 
A plane crashed into the Arkansas River in Fort Smith on Saturday (July 12) evening near the Midland Avenue bridge, according to authorities.

Three men in a boat on the river rescued the pilot, who was the only person on-board the aircraft, authorities said.

The plane is registered to Tim Hazlewood of Van Buren, according to flight records. He was piloting the plane and is reported to be in good condition, authorities said.

Records show the plane is a fixed-wing, single-engine, amateur-built experimental aircraft.

The men in the boat told authorities they saw the plane losing altitude as it approached the Arkansas River. The plane then hit the water and flipped on its top. The pilot was able to escape the crashed aircraft and was picked up by the men in the boat, authorities said.

The three men in the boat tied the plane up to their boat. The Fort Smith Fire Department hauled the plane to the bank with one of their emergency boats, and a wrecker then pulled the plane onto the shore, authorities said.

The Fort Smith Police Department said they received a call around 7:18 p.m. about a reported plane crash.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

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