Friday, July 18, 2014

Aerial Banners North: Mayor asks residents to report aerial advertising

Mayor Kirk Caldwell is asking Honolulu residents to call 911 to report violations of Honolulu's aerial ban, so police can respond and issue citations.

Caldwell has also asked the Federal Aviation Administration to revoke a certificate of waiver that the the agency issued to allow Aerial Banners North to fly commercial banners over Hawaii, despite an aerial advertising ban in Honolulu.

On the Fourth of July, Honolulu police issued a citation against an Aerial Banners North pilot for an alleged violation of the city's aerial advertising ordinance. A hearing on the case is scheduled for District Court in Wahiawa on Aug. 5.

The pilot faces a maximum fine of $500 and three months in jail.

Caldwell is also seeking the help of Hawaii's congressional delegation to get further assistance from the FAA.

Michael J. McAllister, an lawyer for Aerial Banners North, said its FAA waiver allows it to fly banners throughout North America and Oahu and pre-empts any state or county prohibitions.

McAllister said the company will also defend the citation issued to its contract pilot.

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