Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Fremont County Airport (1V6) sports new taxiway: FAA covers 90 percent of $1.8 million project

Florence — It's been on the drawing board for four or five years.

In October, the Rocky Mountain Materials started work on the project, smoothing and building up the ground before paving it, which was completed Dec. 3.

On Dec. 20, the Fremont County Airport opened the new 4,800-foot taxi way parallel of the runway on the north side. The taxiway is not lighted so the company added the reflectors so airplanes stay on course.

"This was a federal project," said manager Richard Baker. "The total bill was $1.8 million."

He said the Federal Aviation Association paid 90 percent with the Colorado Aviation Administration and Fremont County split the other 10 percent to complete the taxi way.

He said Fremont County Commissioners Debbie Bell, Ed Norden and Tim Payne were in full support of the project.

"The taxi way will help with the flow of traffic when we have fire events and military traffic in here," Baker said. 

 A new taxiway adorns the Fremont County Airport. 

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