Sunday, December 01, 2013

Emergency Landing on Ohio River

This picture shows crews from the Luce Township Fire Department working to recover the partially submerged plane from the Ohio River 

(Darryl Bolen, Luce Township Fire Department) 

The plane in the water near County Road 700 and River Road. 
(Source: Randy Houghton)

 Those on scene working to get the plane to land.
 (Source: Randy Houghton)

 (Source: Randy Houghton)

SPENCER CO., IN (WFIE) - Emergency crews in Spencer County rushed to pull an airplane out of the Ohio River on Sunday morning. The plane, they said, was taken on water and was about to sink.

Around 10:30 Sunday morning, Spencer County EMA and Water Rescue, the Luce Township Fire Department, and the Spencer County EMS were sent to an area near County Road 700 and River Road.

When authorities got there, they said they found a small recreational plane in the Ohio River and it looked like it was sinking.

The Luce County Fire Chief, Todd Daming, said the pilot was practicing landing on the water, like he had several times before, and at some point, there was equipment failure.

The problem caused water to flow on board, disabling the plane. Officials say there were no injuries, although the pilot did get wet.

"The pilot basically was just suffering some extreme cold effects and we got him in the back of the ambulance and he was tended to by EMS. He warmed up and he was actually out on the bank talking to us when the mechanics arrived, gave us some of the different points to hookup and get the plane secured onto the bank," Daming said.

The plane was recovered safely to the river bank and then turned over to the owner.

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