Thursday, November 07, 2013

Worcester, Massachusetts airport businesses hoping to cash in on JetBlue's service


(NECN: Katelyn Tivnan) –   With JetBlue finally taking off in Worcester, Mass., there are some new businesses hoping to cash in at the airport. 

Linda Tucker waited for her mother and a friend at the Worcester Regional Airport Thursday for the first time.

“They are both in their 80s so coming here it is just friendlier and easier to pick them up.”

Tucker says now that commercial service out of Worcester has returned she can't imagine she will be taking flights out of Boston. She anticipates her friends and family will also be using Worcester for traveling.

It's something Joseph Luis is eager to hear.

“We are looking for more people to be traveling more happy customers and now more flights and destinations.”

Luis and his wife run both a convenience store and snack bar inside the airport. When DirectAir cancelled its flight out of Worcester, the business took a direct hit.

Getting the chance to restock the shelves and reopen the doors has Luis and his wife looking forward to better days.

“Since DirectAir canceled, I was out of business; airport was closed; it was a struggle for a while; now thank God we're back in business.”

“Been a long time coming; waited about 13 years now since we've really seen commercial service return to Worcester so it's very exciting and great to see the airport humming again with activity," said Ed Bresnahan, who runs Thrifty car rental inside the airport.

He remained in business despite DirectAir leaving, but he admits it was a struggle. Bringing JetBlue to Worcester will give him a much needed boost.

“It's going to mean expansion, we'll have to expand hours, we'll have to hire some help when it really gets bus in the spring and summer, so I think economically it will be great for us and the community."

Bresnahan says he envisions only positive things moving forward, especially when it comes to business growing. He anticipates he could possibly double business by this summer.


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