Friday, November 08, 2013

Left Seat West closes its doors at Glendale Municipal Airport (KGEU), Arizona

 Photo courtesy Glendale Municipal Airport 

No more seating:   Left Seat West closed its doors Oct. 31.

For the tenth time since the late 1980s, the Left Seat West restaurant at the Glendale Municipal Airport is empty after the husband and wife team running it closed the doors Oct. 31.

The restaurant was most recently run by Ron and Karen Zamenski, who decided to close after weeks of slow business.

“The main reason (for the closure) was the lack of patronization,” said Glendale Airport Administrator Walt Fix. “It all boiled down to there weren’t enough customers and the costs were out pacing the income.”

The airport, located off Glendale Avenue on Glen Harbor Boulevard, is in an industrial park west of Loop 101. It sits eight miles from Westgate and was hurt by the lack of businesses in the business park.

“The restaurant is located almost a mile off Glendale Ave., and airport restaurants rely on tenant and pilots, but in a bigger sense the general public and customers that come in,” Fix said. “We don’t have a lot of business around us and it is tough for people to stop in for their lunch hour or before work.”

The Zamenskis opened the restaurant in January 2012, after closing their restaurant that was at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport for seven years after a lease dispute.

They were told of the slow traffic at the airport, but were eager to try and make it work.

“It is just tough because of the location and the fact that the traffic at the airport is not what it was at (PIX),” Fix said. “It is tough to get regular customers on a daily basis to serve regular restaurant food at a price to make it go.”

Fix said the future of the restaurant location will depend on a few aspects that will be determined over some time.

“It was built for a restaurant and that infrastructure was built with city equipment,” he said. “The layout is for a restaurant, but we are going to take a breather and take a look at maybe, with more expertise, trying to get a more lasting prospect for that site.”

Fix said there have been inquiries, mostly from people wondering what happened to the restaurant, but no possible replacements. He also said that one possible replacement for the restaurant could be turning it into offices, but the airport will wait before making any decisions.


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