Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Air India flight to Muscat cancelled after pilot felt uneasy

AHMEDABAD: Air India flight to Muscat had to be cancelled on Sunday night after the pilot complained of chest pain while the flight was still on runway. The scheduled flight AI-985 Ahmedabad-Mumbai-Muscat had to be cancelled at the last minute after pilot Manju Kumari reported difficulty in flying.

Thirty-five year old Manju Kumari was immediately taken to Apollo hospital where she was given the necessary medical care. Admitted as outpatient, she was discharged on Monday morning as it was a minor muscular pain.

As many as 39 passengers who were traveling by the Air India flight were shifted to other flights. "Those who were to go to Mumbai were sent through the Air India flight and the passengers for Muscat were sent in the Emirates flight", said Air India official.

Later in the night, the captain and rest of the crew finally took the flight AI-985 to Mumbai. "As it was a scheduled flight there were fewer passengers. Our team made the necessary arrangements for all the passengers", added Air India official.

Original article:   http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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