Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lawsuits filed against Aeroframe, Aviation Technical Services

The first employee lawsuits against Aeroframe and a second defendant have been filed in 14th Judicial District Court in Calcasieu.

Eleven employees are listed in the lawsuit as plaintiffs against defendants Aeroframe and Aviation Technical Services, or ATS, an aviation MRO based in Everette, Washington.

The employees are suing the defendants on four claims including: Louisiana last paycheck law, Louisiana civil code article 2315, interference with contract and unfair trade practices.

According to the narrative provided in the legal petition, Aeroframe and ATS had been in talks regarding a possible buyout or merger. The two companies then entered a "30-day look period" where ATS had access to Aeroframe's confidential financial information. After that 30-day period, ATS and Aeroframe were unable to reach an agreement. Aeroframe then entered into an intent agreement with AAR Technical Services. Attorneys for the employees allege the original deal between AAR and Aeroframe would have included enough funding to handle all of Aeroframe's finances including wages.

According to legal documents, attorneys for the employees allege in an effort to disrupt that agreement between AAR and Aeroframe, ATS purchased an outstanding loan they knew (from their 30-day look at Aeroframe's confidential financial information) Aeroframe couldn't satisfy and would either cancel the agreement or force Aeroframe into foreclosure.

Legal documents state, "ATS's actions caused a complete disruption of the deal between Aeroframe and AAR and prevented the deal from going forward on its original terms. ATS's actions also forced the immediate and unexpected closure of Aeroframe, termination of employees without payment of back wages and numerous debts of Aeroframe remaining unpaid."

An identical lawsuit has been filed in Cameron Parish.

A lawsuit presents the grievance of one party against others. It does not present both sides of the issue in question.

Source:  http://www.kplctv.com